Recent Clients:
  • BNP Paribas FI FX IRG- C investment banking divison
  • MAIC Broughton LTD (investments)
  • CDS/ABS Contract Information extraction
  • Quantitative market modelling for investment houses
With a patented profiler we take care to optimise for the new parallel initiatives Go Parallel Intel and the HSA foundation.

Front Office And Risk IT Consulting
(and quantitative report provision)
We are a consulting and contract company established in 2010. We are able to gather requirements and specifications, and provide high performance custom software solutions. Our core market has currently been in finance or finance related. We cover a range of technologies primarily C++ (Linux and Windows), Java, C++/CLI, Matlab, Python and .Net and GPGPU languages. We specialise in Risk and Quantitative development in addition to general performance optimisation. Contact us if you want a high technology holistic solution or contractors working on your front to back office trading systems.

" I provide long term quantitative development and consulting. I specialise in high performance risk solutions using advanced software engineering methods. In Technoor most consultants specialise but are also highly adaptive and can learn new technologies quickly as and when needed. Performance optimisation and databases are not outside our ability, even though we do not specialise purely on databases." S Marvasti - Lead Consultant

All our consultants have many years experience in finance related software development. Contact us for pricing and availability.


Registered Company in England and Wales